Look and play Exoprimal tier list Exosuits July 2023

Our Exoprimal tier list sorts the very best Exosuits from the ten available and ranks them in order of which ones perform their role better than the others.

Which Exosuits are the best on the Exoprimal tier list? Fending off dinosaurs in teams of five, players must coordinate with their teammates to complete their objectives faster than the enemy team. However, determining which ones are the best of the bunch means that you have to compare them with each other depending on their role. After all, a healer’s damage output is lower than a DPS character, so it’s best to pit similar Exosuits against each other.

Exoprimal clearly splits its roster into Assault, Tank, and Support Exosuit classes. Assault will clear out most of the called dinosaurs or the enemy team, with some excelling at wiping out larger beasts. Tanks can protect the team or handle the smaller dinos, while Support Exosuits can heal and buff allies or hinder enemies. Certain Exosuits have added perks that give them variety in the dinosaur game, making them the best Exoprimal Exosuits. Of course, this is an evolving Exoprimal tier list, as future updates will likely shake up the status quo.

With every tier list, there comes a big caveat. Exoprimal is a co-op game where you work with others to complete missions, so your team composition is vital to your success. The ideal team we’ve found should consist of two Assault, two Support, and one Tank.



Barrage is, by far, the best Assault Exosuit in Exoprimal. Its regular shot fires a grenade that explodes on contact with an enemy, setting any nearby enemies on fire. The Triple Threat ability fires three mines that explode upon its second activation, making it a great way of setting traps against any oncoming foes. Its dodge also drops a grenade that detonates almost instantly, knocking back nearby enemies, while the stun grenade briefly immobilizes any target it hits.

This toolset is already excellent at dealing with large dinosaur threats, but the Burning Heart ultimate is a massive nuke-like ability that makes it charge into enemies before exploding for massive damage. This does hurt Barrage a lot as well, but so long as there is a decent Witchdoctor on hand to patch them up, this shouldn’t be a major issue. It’s the most-picked


Of all the Tanks, Krieger is the most consistent. It uses a minigun to mow down hordes of enemies or tear a bigger dino’s health bar to shreds. When peril is near, it can throw up a protective shield that acts as a safe space for all teammates inside it for a short time. It can also fire homing projectiles to boom away any nearby foes, as well as the Thunder Dash that pushes any enemies caught in this dodging animation.


For raw healing output, you can’t beat the Witchdoctor. It can generate a massive healing ring to quickly restore health, use a whip to instantly heal a teammate if it connects, and leap high into the sky away from peril. You can also glide while in the air, allowing you to escape from harm’s way with relative ease. Its ultimate emits an AoE that instantly heals all teammates in the vicinity to 200% health.

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