Check Some Diablo Op Druid Build Does Billion Damage

A Druid Werewolf with Shred and Stormclaw is currently unstoppable

Diablo IV is a game about keeping evil locked behind the gates of hell and making the numbers go up. finish enemies, get stronger, finish more enemies, get even stronger. This is the endless cycle at the center of Blizzard’s hit action-RPG, but recently players have managed to take that logic to its follish conclusion, discovering an overpowered Druid build that can hit for over a billion damage.

“HIGHEST DAMAGE EVER HIT IN DIABLO 4!!!!” tweeted Twitch streamer Moxsy on July 7. It was accompanied by a screenshot showing nine-digit numbers on the screen, and a YouTube link to footage showing Moxsy’s Druid hitting for over 1 billion damage. While it’s impossible to say for sure if it was the most damage ever hit, excluding glitches, it didn’t take long before it was surpassed.

A day after Moxsy was back and hitting for over 1.8 billion. “Holy shit!” he tweeted, clearly more in the zone than ever. Shortly after that, Maxroll team member Boiler broke the 2 billion damage barrier. Another player, SquishyWarrior943, appears to have more than doubled that, hitting for nearly 5 billion. As Forbes writer Paul Tassi points out, the Druid build is being touted as the fastest enemy clear in Diablo IV at the moment.

Moxsy has a YouTube video breaking it down in detail. It revolves around a “double dip interaction” that allows for “crazy ramping damage.” The key is an Aspect called Stormclaw which makes Critical Strikes with Shred deal 20 to 45 percent of the damage dealt as Lightning damage. That’s paired with Waxing Gibbous so that a 100 percent of the hits are critical strikes. Since Shred lets the Druid deal 100 percent vulnerable damage, meaning it will deal double damage to enemies that are vulnerable.

The unique thing about this pairing is that the double damage against vulnerable enemies effectively gets counted twice—the first time and the second time when each of the other effects, like the Lightning damage from Stormclaw, gets applied. The result is a roughly four-time multiplier on top of everything else, which is what Moxsy means when he says he’s “double dipping.” The more global damage modifiers on his Druid, the more times he gets to take advantage of that double dip.

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