Check new Apex Legends finally teases the Revenant change

Apex Legends has just dropped the first part of its finish Code animation, and it may reinforce rumors of the FPS game’s upcoming Revenant rework.

Apex Legends has a new season just on the horizon and with work on the update underway, fans have been speculating about what changes are coming to the FPS game. With rumors running rampant through the community about a possible Revenant rework in lieu of a new character, the upcoming season is sure to be a big one for Apex Legends. Developer Respawn Enjoyment has just released the first part of its finish Code animation, and the short packs a lore-filled punch. It may even tease a long-awaited Revenant transformation

Lifeline, Loba, and Maggie journey to Salvo in the first part of the animation, seeking information on a secret lead surrounding Duardo Silva, Octane’s father. While searching for him, they infiltrate an leaved Hammond Robotics laboratory where they action their way through Spectre units.

The team eventually gains access to highly sensitive and secret information stored on a computer, which they promptly download onto a flash drive. After they make their escape, we get a glimpse at a solid reference to the possible Season 18 Revenant rework.

Within Loba’s hand dangles a glowing red eye, one belonging to none other than Revenant himself. This could insinuate that Duardo is in the process of recreating Revenant, and the information obtained by the three in the laboratory will have to do with his plans for the Legend. The second part of the finish Code animation will be released on Monday, July 31 at 8am PST / 11am EST /4pm BST / 5pm CET.

We will likely find out more about the downloaded files on Revenant and what Season 18 is set to bring then, all the while gaining a deeper look at Duardo Silva’s sinister plans with the Legend’s rework.

The game may just bring Revenant up a notch on our Apex Legends tier list this coming season if the rumors surrounding his rework are true. Until we know for sure, you can have a look through our round-up of some other great multiplayer games to enjoy with friends.

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